Insect Screens / Flyscreens

"The humble Insect Screen has never been better."

Prowler Proof offers you a superior quality Insect Screen unlike any other on the market. Prowler Proof Insect Screens are a robust and reliable product that you can depend on to keep small intruders out.

The choice and quality of finish available ensures that there is a product to suit all personal décor requirements.

Attention to detail during the manufacturing process ensures that Prowler Proof Insect Screens have superior strength that will withstand the true test of time.

An investment in Prowler Proof Insect Screens for your home will not only enhance your lifestyle opportunities but also add value to your property.

"Insect Screens keep the insects out while letting fresh air in! What a relief."

Insect Screens Fully Welded Aluminium Specifications:

  • Fully welded frames
  • Fibreglass insect gauze
  • Ideal for higher storey windows with a low security risk


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Insect Screens Fully Welded Aluminium Specifications: